Travel Vlogging Slang: A Guide to Wanderlust Lingo

Travel vlogging is a fascinating world where wanderlust meets the digital age. It allows adventurers to share their globetrotting experiences with the world, offering a glimpse into different cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. But beyond the breathtaking visuals and captivating stories, there's a whole vocabulary that's unique to travel vloggers. In this article, we'll explore the exciting world of travel vlogging slang.


Before diving into the world of travel vlogging slang, let's start with a fundamental term: wanderlust. Wanderlust is a strong desire or impulse to explore the world, travel to new places, and experience new adventures. It's the driving force behind travel vlogging, as creators chase that insatiable thirst for exploration.

The Vlogosphere

The vlogosphere refers to the collective community of vloggers and their content on platforms like YouTube. It's where travel vloggers showcase their journeys, connect with their audiences, and collaborate with fellow content creators. This digital realm has given rise to a unique set of slang terms and phrases.

Key Travel Vlogging Slang

Now, let's delve into some of the most commonly used travel vlogging slang that you'll encounter in this vibrant corner of the internet:

1. "B-Roll"

B-roll is supplementary footage that travel vloggers use to enhance their storytelling. It includes shots of landscapes, cityscapes, or people that provide context and visual appeal to the vlog. B-roll is often set to music and helps create a more cinematic experience for viewers.

2. "Time-Lapse"

Time-lapse is a technique where travel vloggers capture hours or even days of footage and condense it into a short, fast-paced sequence. This creates a visually stunning effect, showcasing the passage of time in a matter of seconds.

3. "Dronie"

A dronie is a selfie taken from a drone. Travel vloggers use drones to capture breathtaking aerial shots of the destinations they visit, providing viewers with a unique perspective of the landscapes.

4. "Vlogmas"

Vlogmas is an annual tradition among many travel vloggers where they upload daily vlogs during the month of December, leading up to Christmas. It's a way to share their holiday experiences and spread festive cheer with their audience.


Travel vlogging is not just about documenting adventures; it's also about creating a connection with the audience and fostering a sense of wanderlust. Understanding the unique slang and terminology used by travel vloggers can enhance your appreciation of their content and immerse you further into their world.

So, next time you watch a travel vlog, keep an ear out for these terms, and you'll have a deeper insight into the art of travel vlogging.